One Stop Shop for all Mobile Phone Repairs!

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We are the UK's longest establish postal phone repair company!

Do NOT accept imitations - we'll take your phone and bring it back to life - no matter what the issue. Common problems we see;

  • 62% of our repairs - Screen cracked or smashed
  • 26% of our repairs - Water damage
  • 12% of our repairs - Charging connector damaged
Want to hear what our customers think of our service - check our real customer testimonials. Need more reasons to choose us for your repairs - check our the top 8 reasons here.

We have been repairing phones since 2002 - that's a LONG time! So we know a thing or two about repairs. That's why we don't fit cheap parts - we only source the very best parts - genuine ones wherever possible, so our customers are happy and we have less complaints and returns. Want to know more - click here for some additional information about us.

Our engineers are among the very best in the UK (maybe even the WORLD) - phone repairs are their passion. They all have different specialties - some specialize in Apple repairs for example, others come from Nokia service centres. One thing is for sure, all our engineers are very highly trained in their field. We are NOT a market stall repair company, nor a guy in his bedroom - we are a well established repair centre based in Central London. If in doubt, come and meet us!

Confused about how it all works - please have a look here - we have tried to make it all as simple as possible!

Here's a little video that explains our postal repair service (with some extra funky music!):