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  Repair Service Replacement for LCD Screen & Touchscreen
- Replacement for LCD Screen & Touchscreen Repair

• Turnaround: 3-5 days
• Warranty: 3 months

- Replacement for LCD Screen & Touchscreen

Most modern touchscreen phones like the have 2 layers to the screen. The top layer is usually made from real Glass and provides the touch sensitive functions, this is known as the Touchscreen. The bottom layer is called the LCD and provides the image, this is known as the LCD screen. Together they are sometimes referred to as the LCD Touchscreen.

If a is dropped or squashed badly both of these layers can get broken. Likewise it's common for just one of these layers to break.

Sometimes it can be hard to know which layer is broken, but usually if the Touch screen is broken you will still see a perfect image, but there will be visible cracks on the glass and the handset will not respond to touch commands.

However if the LCD screen is broken then the mobile phone will still respond fine to touch, but the image may be blank or appear "inked".

How does it happen?

By far the most common reason for a cracked LCD and Touchscreen is by dropping the handset, other ways include;

  • Sitting on the
  • Hitting the against something hard
  • Pressing down on the screen with a hard object e.g. a pen
  • Throwing the

What's the root cause

Despite technological advances the materials use to make the Touchscreen and LCD are still fragile. This means that with a certain amount of pressure these screens will crack. From time to time the components can fail on their own, especially if the device is used heavily on a day to day basis. The touchscreens are now made from glass, some manufacturers such as Apple are using stronger formulations e.g. Gorilla glass or sapphire glass etc however any type of glass will break with enough force.

Common symptoms

  • Touchscreen may have visible cracks
  • Touchscreen may not respond to touch
  • LCD image will appear distorted and may appear like an ink stain effect.
  • Part of the image may be missing

Home repair tips

Replacing the yourself is possible, however for most models it's a very complicated process and is extremely complex and time consuming. We often deal with customers who have attempted to repair their own and caused more damage than they had initially. For example the iPhone 4 has about 20 screws to be removed before the screen can be changed. For this reason we would strongly recommend you leave this job to the professionals. As well as replacing screens day-in-day-out, we offer the peace of mind of a 3 warranty.

If you want to tackle this job on your own then run a quick search on YouTube for " LCD replacement".

How do we do this repair

For starters we generally only use Original screens. This is because the quality of the screen is very important. Where we do use non-original parts we ensure the quality is as good, or better than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

We will carefully open your , remove the faulty LCD and Touchscreen and replace it with a brand new unit. We'll then thoroughly test your to ensure all features and functions are working correctly and then re-assemble. On some models this process end-to-end can take 2 hours.

See how this repair is done:

We repair hundreds of screens per month. So if you'd like to get your fixed quickly, cheaply and with the benefit of a full warranty - please bring or post your to us today.

Special things to note about this Repair

Repair Lead TimeHow long will my repair take?

Current lead time on repairs is 2-3 days after we receive the unit. Please allow time for return postage which is generally "next working day".

Return Delivery methodHow will I get my phone back?

Your will be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery after the repair process has been completed (next day before 1pm).

How does it work How does it all work?

We have tried to make the repair process as simple as possible - click here for details and images about how it all works.

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→ Professional repairs
→ Quick turnaround
→ Low prices
→ Genuine parts
→ 3 month warranty
→ Online tracking

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