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  Repair Service Repair of charging or USB connector
- Repair of charging or USB connector Repair

• Turnaround: 3-5 days
• Warranty: 3 months

- Repair of charging or USB connector

If your has a faulty or damaged charging connector then you will most likely have issues charging your phone and/or connecting it to your PC or laptop. This is a very common fault with many models of phones and can be a real pain as it basically stops you using your completely. If your phone has a removable battery then one possible work-around is to charge the battery in another phone, or a desktop charging stand and then swap the battery around each time you want to use the phone - but this is not ideal at all.

How does it happen?

  • The most common way this happens is due to not taking enough care when connecting and disconnecting the cable - some phones are more susceptible to this issue than others.
  • Yanking out the cable instead of removing it in the proper way
  • Normal wear and tear can be a factor - if the connector has not been attached well during manufacturer this can be a cause of the problem
  • Poorly designed or faulty cables or desktop chargers can also cause this issue
  • Kids playing with the can contribute to the issues with the USB or charging connector

What's the root cause

  • The usual root cause is that the connections between the main-board of the phone and the charging connector become damaged (dry joints) and no longer make a good connection to allow the power or communications to reach the phone.
Charging connector

Common symptoms

  • Your won't charge up anymore
  • The phone only charges intermittently
  • Wiggling the cable around makes the connect and disconnect
  • Your handset won't connect to the PC via a USB cable
  • The charging connector has broken off completely

Home repair tips

  • If your phone has a removable battery you could charge it in a separate phone and then swap the batteries.
  • Some phones (e.g. Blackberry) have different connections for desktop charging stands - this may mean you don't need to use the mini-USB connector at all
  • Try cleaning the contacts of the connector with a small amount of alcohol and a ear bud - this may clean any debris from the connector if this was an issue.
  • Try holding the cable at various angles to help make the connection - you can try then to keep the cable in place by attaching it to the back of the phone with some sellotape

How do we do this repair

  • We will completely replace the faulty connector with a brand new one (genuine parts used wherever possible).
  • We will resolder the new connector (if required)
  • We will thoroughly test the new connector and make sure it passes our Quality Control process

Here is a YouTube video showing how to replace the iPhone 4 charging connector

If this looks a little daunting then leave it up to the experts - we do this repair on all sorts of phones several times a day - to get started please click the link below:

Special things to note about this Repair

Repair Lead TimeHow long will my repair take?

Current lead time on repairs is 2-3 days after we receive the unit. Please allow time for return postage which is generally "next working day".

Return Delivery methodHow will I get my phone back?

Your will be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery after the repair process has been completed (next day before 1pm).

How does it work How does it all work?

We have tried to make the repair process as simple as possible - click here for details and images about how it all works.

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