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  Repair Service Water Damage Treatment
- Water Damage Treatment Repair

• Turnaround: 3-5 days
• Warranty: 3 months

- Water Damage Treatment

Whether you have dropped your in the toilet only for a few seconds or you spilled a drink on your we can help. The liquid damage treatment is one of our more common repair services that we offer. When the phone comes into contact with liquid be it a drop or fully submerged in water it can cause a variety of problems.

Common liquid damage symptoms that the suffers include, not being able to charge your phone due to the liquid causing corrosion on your phone logic board, Your screen shows different colours or has stains from the liquid ingress., Your microphone and speaker become useless or have fuzzy or muffled sound. Sometimes the will not power on at all after coming into contact with liquid whether it was just a little bit of liquid damage from using your phone in the rain or using the phone with wet hands after a shower.

What we seem to forget is that despite our being our best friends and always with us, it is still an electronic device and as such is easily susceptible to damage from liquid as would any other electronic device, the is not meant to be used during the rain or in the shower or used with wet hands, it is not water or splash proof, so even the smallest most minuscule droplet of water may cause your to become faulty.

Some of the common myths about saving your liquid damaged or recovering it once it has come into contact with liquid are listed below and also their effectiveness.

So you have dropped your in liquid and you search the internet for a an easy and cheap recovery solution. - Honest truth is there isn't one.

  • take your and put in a bag of ice overnight
  • place your liquid damaged in the airing cupboard to dry it out
  • get loads of silica gel bags that help dry moisture and pop them all in a bag with your
  • use a hair dryer to dry out your after its come into contact with water or liquid

Although you may think that all of the above may help in reducing the amount of liquid inside the nothing can turn back time and stop the liquid from entering the phone in the first place. What you have to remember is that many phones have the battery built in and as such always has power running through the logic board. This is the main issue with the and why it will nearly always become faulty after it has come into to contact with liquid whether immediately or over a duration of time.

Have you ever seen what a battery look alike when it starts to corrode? It gets little speckles of corrosion over the terminals, the same thing happens inside your after a period of time pass and once electronics become like this they start to deteriorate and eventually stop working or cause other parts that they are related to stop working like your screen or dock connector.

We have developed our liquid damage cleaning service for the based on years of experience in the electronics repairs industry. The first thing we do is disconnect the battery and remove your logic board and place it in a special cleaning solution to remove any residue or corrosion left on the board by the liquid ingress. Then we inspect the board for any damaged or blown components on the surface level of the logic board. Once we have replaced any damaged components and the board has been fully cleaned we are ready to assemble the handset partially in order to test the other parts that all connect to the logic board. It's at this point that we can tell if your just needed a clean up to revive it from the liquid damage or if it requires further parts replaced. The most common parts that get damaged easily by liquid are the LCD and glass touch screen assembly, the charging connector at the bottom of the , speakers and microphones. Sometimes further reflows of the ICs and chips on the logic board are required if the has had severe liquid damage or has been in contact with liquid for a long duration. We usually like to perform a software restore or upgrade also to ensure the handsets parameters are all reset and this also lets us run diagnostics on the as a final test measure. Once all of these steps have been performed we will manually test the handset for all major functions and once it passes we are happy to return your repaired back to you in a working state.

Some of the most common liquid damage stories we here:-

  • I was using my in the toilet and it somehow dropped into the toilet bowl - don't worry it was clean water inside
  • I was using my outside and i left it there and it started raining I didn't notice for hours.
  • I dropped my in a puddle of water
  • I spilled wine on my at dinner
  • I dropped my in a mug of tea
  • I left my in pocket and I washed my trousers/jeans
  • I was doing the washing up and my dropped into the kitchen sink
  • I was using my in the rain the other day
  • I have sent my to apple service and they have informed me that the fault with my handset cannot be repaired due to liquid damage, I have no idea how it's happened
  • My was in my bag and a bottle of water/juice leaked all over it

Special things to note about this Repair

Repair Lead TimeHow long will my repair take?

Current lead time on repairs is 2-3 days after we receive the unit. Please allow time for return postage which is generally "next working day".

Return Delivery methodHow will I get my phone back?

Your will be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery after the repair process has been completed (next day before 1pm).

How does it work How does it all work?

We have tried to make the repair process as simple as possible - click here for details and images about how it all works.

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