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  Repair Service Unlock handset to work on all networks
- Unlock handset to work on all networks Repair

• Turnaround: 3-5 days
• Warranty: 3 months

- Unlock handset to work on all networks

If your is locked to a particular network this means that the only SIM card that your phone will accept will be from this provider. It has been possible since the introduction of GSM mobile phones to get your phone "unlocked" to accept any SIM card.

Why would you need this done?

There could be many reasons to get your unlocked - here are a few we thought of:

  • Perhaps you decided to change your network provider and want to keep your old phone
  • Maybe your taking your abroad and you want to use it with a local SIM card
  • Maybe your selling your phone and you want to increase the value by unlocking it (hence increasing the audience your phone will appeal to)

What does it involve?

Our unlocking service could be done in a number of ways. Sometimes we use software to alter the programming of the handset to allow it to accept other SIM cards, and sometimes we generate a special code that's entered into the phone keypad. For certain models we offer a "Factory Unlocking" service - for example with most iPhones. In this scenario, Apple do the unlocking themselves. We will place a request to Apple (via the service provider) and within a few days they will update their systems to show that the iPhone should be unlocked. You would then connect the iPhone back to your laptop or PC and the phone would unlock itself.

In all cases we ensure that your data won't be affected, and if there is a chance it will be - we'll do a backup before the unlock is done. The last thing we want is for you to lose your phones, music, contacts, messages etc etc

How long does the unlock take?

In most cases the unlock can be done within 1-2 working days following arrival, however sometimes it could be a little longer. For example iPhone Factory Unlocking can be from 2-14 days. Sometimes we have to request a code from a specialist unlocking partner and this can take a day or so. We will keep you updated about how long we expect to have to keep your handset. If you live in London we may be able to offer a "while you wait" service for your unlock. Please get in touch on email or live chat to check if this is available for your .

Can I do this at home?

For some handsets the answer is yes - you can try to unlock the handset at home, however we would always advise to let the professionals do it. There is a risk with any software that you might find on the internet, that it doesn't do what it's meant to do and ends up destroying your phone.

Can I get my phone unlocked for free?

In some cases yes. If you have a contract phone and you have reached the end of the contract then many providers will unlock your phone. Some providers will do this for free (usually they insist the account is up to date etc), others will charge for the service. For example T-Mobile UK charge around £20 for the service - however one word of warning, you'll need to be VERY patient as they can take up to 4 weeks to unlock the phone.

If you need your unlocked, we'd be happy to help. We'll do it quickly and at the best possible price we can.

Special things to note about this Repair

Repair Lead TimeHow long will my repair take?

Current lead time on repairs is 2-3 days after we receive the unit. Please allow time for return postage which is generally "next working day".

Return Delivery methodHow will I get my phone back?

Your will be returned via Royal Mail Special Delivery after the repair process has been completed (next day before 1pm).

How does it work How does it all work?

We have tried to make the repair process as simple as possible - click here for details and images about how it all works.

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